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Become a Podcaster

Writer's Podcast is a new broadcasting vehicle that can accelerate ideas, images, and concepts, and project them to center stage.

Podcast for Omtimes writers and iAuthor members

Podcasts are being used more and more. Recent data from the US shows that more than 70% of people already know what a podcast is. More than half of the American population has heard one and 1/3 consume this type of media at least once a month.

There's no point in launching a podcast if no one will listen.

But how do you get people to listen? How do you launch a podcast that reaches the people you want to get to?

Some people say it's just about creating good content.

"Just put out quality content, and you'll grow an audience."

While quality content is a massive part of running a successful podcast, a big part of reaching your audience has to do with the planning & strategy that takes place before you actually launch!

Be recognized as an authority on the subject.

A podcast is a new format for sharing experiences in your industry or talking about a particular topic. Audio files allow you to inject your enthusiasm and speaking skills to build an authoritative image of speaking about one specific topic and conveying information often lacking in written texts.

Regular podcasts help establish you and your brand as an authority on the subject with accurate information or ideas.

Customers are looking for companies that know the industry well, so podcasts help build that trust between you and your audience. It's the same role blogs have played for some time now, but with a more direct connection to the listener.

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