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 Podcaster & Contributor

The Contributor writer is the person who expresses his ideas and communicates through words, using various techniques and styles. This is an artistic profession, regardless of the type of literature, such as poetry, essays, novels, short stories, scientific articles, or consciously spiritual articles.

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Becoming a Podcaster

Traditionally, a contributor writer creates a journal, such as a magazine or newspaper. The Contributor writer can write about current events, news, or other topics of interest to the publication's readers. Contributor writers may focus their writing on a specific genre or be experts on a particular subject. In Our Case, one of our many categories.


Stepping up your Visibility

Contributor writers are much more than knowing how to write well and without spelling mistakes. It's someone who lives and breathes their passion, likes to tell stories, and manages to convey their feelings through words.


 Beyond just a Contributor

Publishing Changed. The New media is different; many article authors now specialize in writing online content that can be very different in style from articles that appear in print. For example, some contributors write blog articles, both for their own blogs and the blogs of others. Others write articles for major websites and online publications. And most of them make the leap to becoming published authors. With the iauthor platform, when you choose the Contributor podcaster, you are automatically enrolled in the premium  Vault and have access to content and training in developing your author skills.

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The amplitude of your reach!

Normally, writers contribute widely to enrich the culture of a people, a nation, and even society as a whole, or in niches, because literature and information should not have any barriers or borders.

If this profession interests you, then you are in the right place! Here we will show you everything you need to know to start this career on the right foot! Curious?

Ready to Make the Leap?

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