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William Bezanson

   2022 Ommie Award Winner of the Category:

Ageless Wisdom Columnist" 

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His Story


As a retired engineer, I am fulfilling my passion for writing and have now published six books on world stewardship, user performance-centered systems design, and mathematical beauty. I am a long-standing member of a Rosicrucian Order and two related initiatic, mystical orders—my mission in life it to help to bring about a Spiritual State in this Mundane World.

My pleasure readings focus on large-picture topics such as cosmology, esoteric Christianity, the Jungian worldview, mystical spirituality, and related topics.


I live with my wife in Ottawa, Canada, and we have six adult children.

I do not claim expertise. If anything, I consider myself not a specialist, but a generalist. I seek convergence among many disciplines to explain the actuality of Life and the Universe, as viewed through the reality of our limited perceptions and thoughts. With that in mind, I try to apply my experience and interests in spirituality, comparative religion, mystical exercises, mathematical thinking, Jungian worldview, Modern Physics, Cosmogenesis, and others.

 (c) Photograph by Steve Bezanson


William Bezanson

70 Shadetree Crescent

Ottawa ON, K2E 7R2 Canada

phone 613.225.9026 (H), 613.608.6115 (C)


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