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From the OMTimes Perspective, our Broadcasting and publishing model is all about relationships. Therefore, we value each of our members, which usually includes providing them with focused training, database information, resources, assets, and encouragement capable of facilitating the pursuit of their literary careers and reaching their own goals.

Benefits of Having a Membership with OM Plus Author's Incubator

Access to Real Expertise.

Let's get this one clarified. It might be your first reason to join our Incubator Membership in a respected venture backed by the Capital Reputation of OMTimes Media, Broadcasting, and Publishing are seen as a bonus if you are serious about your writing career and willing to invest in this journey with us.


Focus and Thematic eLearning.

Om Plus runs professional development events such as bi-monthly workshops and webinars. We prime to keep you informed on all issues related to the publishing industry, authors' training, and all relevant problems facing our highly targeted audience.



Joining our selected Cadre of Influencers would give you access to specialized services and products and obtain substantial discounts on our leading-edge seminars, forums, workshops, and focused cases.


Conscious Networking

Being part of an ever-growing multifaceted community, such as Om Plus can enrich your life while creating a myriad of new possibilities for interactions, relationships, and connections inside the Publishing industry, that otherwise would not be easy or even possible.


Build a Professional Profile.

As a membership organization, OmPlus provides you with a venue to "give something back" to help you build rapport, perhaps by presenting at one of its events, participating in round table Interviews, or authoring an article in one of our magazines & association E-NEWS. While it is a commendable thing to do, it will be a win-win deal, as it also raises your profile inside our professional community. Become Noticeable.

Start Your Journey Free


Expand Your Visibility

Our Community Membership also sponsors an "In -house industry awards." Our Media Channels are vital because they shine a light on outstanding work that should be showcased but might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Membership Plans

iAuthor, The OM Plus Authors' Incubator

Why do you need to be part of a group of writers? What is the goal of a group formed by writers and authors? In truth, there are many advantages to taking part as a member of such a focused group. OM Plus Incubator & publishing came into existence to fulfill a need in the Publishing Industry, also it was designed to be a creator's platform. Being part of a group of writers encourages (pushes you, in some cases) to write, share, and improve yourself. And that is the only way to finish your writing projects and novels. The social pressure of people in the same situation makes you complete your writing tasks; in a way, you do not lose your rhythm. Moreover, developing companionship in writing circles can contribute to a highly effective way of finishing projects. We are social souls, no doubt!

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