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Our Podcasts

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Why Podcast with OMTimes?

Omtimes has been a multimedia broadcasting channel for the Spiritual and the consciously awakened for many years. OMTimes Media has encompassed printed Media, Radio, and Social Media TV broadcasting for over a decade. It is socially regarded as a reliable source of information on everything "Conscious." We will make it easy for you to find your Tribe.

Because we are an expert in this niche, Omtimes can make it easier for you to start your Podcast Career.

We can guide you step by step through this process with Joy, Grace, and ease.


We provide a Virtual Concierge to cater to your content and social media distribution.

We syndicate your show to more than 20 outlets, which saves you time and money Under the OMTimes brand. You immediately become an Omtimes Podcaster personality.


Contributor writers are Writers whose work is included in a magazine or newspaper. A contributing writer writes for a platform, either on a one-off or a regular basis.



A columnist is a person who writes for publication in a series, creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions. Columns appear in newspapers, magazines, and other publications, including blogs. 


Op -Ed

An op-ed, short for opposite editorial, is an opinionated article submitted to a newspaper for publication. Op-eds are essays that regular contributors or staffers write and submit to publications or other media outlets in order to express their views on a particular subject.

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