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 Podcaster & Opinion Editor

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, an op-ed is "An essay in a newspaper or magazine that gives the opinion of the writer and that is written by someone who is not employed by the newspaper or magazine" and stands for opposite editorial.  Op-Eds are sometimes referred to as Opinions and/or Commentary.  

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 Your own commercials

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Why Become an Opinion Editor

Editorials are also commonly presented in column format. In an editorial comment, an opinion columnist is generally quite opinionated, discussing a current issue or news items.                                                   


Stepping up Your Influencer status

 To be an Opinion Editor is more than knowing how to write well and without spelling mistakes. It's someone who lives and breathes their passion, likes to tell stories, and manages to convey their feelings through words. To become an Opinion editor, it is not necessary to work as a professional editor or writer. Our space is also for all free thinkers, writers, and bloggers.


 Professionalizing your Authority

Working as an Opinion Editor requires, no doubt, good writing skills, and a strong work ethic because the monthly load of producing a column and a Podcast can be quite significant. But the reward will be also very remarkable.


Opening new frontires

Our Opinion Editorial mission is to create a positive impact on the world, which belongs to all of us. That is why we offer space for you who feel like writing and sharing your knowledge and positivity with the world.

Ready to Make the Leap?

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