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 Podcaster & Columnist

A columnist is someone who regularly prepares short essays and commentaries for publication. Columnists may work for the broadcast media on radio and television. Still, they are more commonly associated with print media in newspapers and magazines. A columnist is a type of "journalist." Still, they are not required to adhere to the expected journalistic ethic of neutrality, and a column does not necessarily contain news.

 2 X Podcast a month 35 Minutes (3 Minutes Of Commercials +1 min intro+1 Minute Outro)

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Becoming a  Conscious Columnist

Columnists often write regularly, producing material for weekly, monthly, or twice-a-month publications. They appear in the same section whenever they are published, often under the same heading, such as “News & Notes” for a columnist providing information about community events. They may write under their own names or a pseudonym, such as "Miss Manners," for the well-known etiquette columnist Judith Martin.


Stepping up your Visibility

The Columnists are much more than knowing how to write well and without spelling mistakes. It's someone who lives and breathes their passion, likes to tell stories, and manages to convey their feelings through words.


Developing a Sustainable Colunm

Some columnists use letters from readers as the main part of their columns. Advice columnists, for example, receive requests for advice and assistance from readers and respond to them in a regular column.


Be Recognized as an Expert

A columnist can also use a column as an educational forum; for example, a gardening column might include responses to readers' plant identification questions. Reader submissions can also be used to distribute information or coordinate community exchanges.

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